My background and training in the art of photography is based on my experience working as a professional photojournalist.

After studying photojournalism at BYU I worked as a full time staff photographer for 3 years at the Daily Herald.  While working as a photojournalist I Covered the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City as an accredited photographer. I received several awards in photojournalism. I was featured on MSNBC's The Week In Pictures and had my work published Nationally and Internationally. In 2003 I ventured out on my own working as a freelance photojournalist for the Deseret News and several other publications.

I love the art of telling a story through the lens of a camera. As I began photographing weddings years ago I realized that there are many skills gained by being a professional photojournalist that translate into amazing wedding photography.  A photojournalist is required to have the versatility to get good images from any situation, venue, or environment. You become a master at observing, anticipating and timing to capture the many magical moments as they happen. It is always fun to show a client their final product and see them react to the moments that they had no idea happened during their wedding. From organizing family group shots to cutting and sharing the cake, there are many dynamics that go into shooting a wedding. In my opinion the most important dynamic is to produce the kind of images that would hang on your wall as art. The kind of art that evokes the real emotions felt during that special time. This is My specialty. Photography is an Art that I continue to study and learn to use the latest techniques available to produce amazing images.